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Chipboard sheets are a type of engineered timber sheet manufactured primarily from woodchips and sawmill shavings, which are solidified into usable sheets with a binder. Chipboard sheets are more uniform and dense than plywood sheets.


Our chipboard sheets have been specified by the National House Building Council for new-build applications and are ideal for use in dry conditions for domestic flooring. These sheets are also suitable for use in damp or humid environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens, where they provide excellent protection against moisture when used as an underlay.


Our chipboard sheets are also the only board manufactured in the UK using diamond-tipped tooling to create a precision tongue-and-groove profile, profiled on all four sides for quick and easy installation.

Chipboard Sheet Material - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

There are different  types of chipboard sheets for particular uses :-

  • There is standard grade chipboard for non-flooring applications such as furniture.

  • There is flooring grade chipboard which has a higher density and comes in a tongue & groove (T&G) profile and is 2400mm long x 600mm wide and in 2 thicknesses of 18mm and 22mm.

There are numerous forms of flooring chipboard :-


  • There is a moisture resistant board which is suitable for uses such as in a bathroom, toilet or general construction.

  • There is a moisture resistant board coated with a polythene film that protects the board whilst work is continuing. The film is then removed when the work is completed. This is ideal for renovation or refurbishment work or pre-fab construction.

  • There is also a moisture resistant board which has resin impregnated paper on both faces that stops water from penetrating the board. This means that if the board is laid correctly, with specified glue, it can be left exposed for 42 days. It is anti slip, which allows construction to continue in all conditions.

  • And finally, there is a heavy-duty board, which is suitable for mezzanine floors, racking etc. and is for internal use only.

We stock the following product and sizes :-

(T&G) Flooring Chipboard – 18mm x 2400 x 600; 22mm x 2400 x 600.

Other types of chipboard and sizes are available on request.