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Structural Timber - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

Our timber originates from environmentally sustainable British and European forests. It is meticulously manufactured in a tightly controlled environment to ensure that it is capable of withstanding the vagaries of Scottish weather and also to guarantee the versatility and durability of its diverse applications. We stock quality performance softwoods that conform to building regulation requirements. Timber used for structural applications must comply with the correct standards and strength requirements laid down by building codes and regulations.

Timber Products - Structural Timber - Sawn Treated

We stock a range of this timber which is sawn and pressure treated to give longevity and protection against fungal and insect attack. The treatment process minimizes deterioration when the timber is used externally. This timber is a commonly used, sustainably sourced, whitewood with good working qualities and it is suitable for non-structural uses such as general construction, internal building timbers, studwork, boxing in, and fencing.

Sawn Timber - Sizes In Stock & Other Sizes Available to Order On Request 
Sawn Treated Timber - Angus Maciver Building Supplies
Timber lengths in stock are 4.8m - Other lengths available to order on request

Timber Products - Structural Timber - Regularised Treated

We stock a range of this high quality constructional timber which has been sustainably sourced and regularised for consistency and ease of use. It is regularised (consistent dimensions) by planing all round with ‘eased’ rounded corners for comfortable handling. The timber is semi surfaced and finished to a uniform, relatively smooth dimension with four radiused corners to minimise the risk of splinters. Finished sizes are generally 2mm below thickness and 5mm below width of the nominal size e.g. a 47x100mm piece will be 45x95mm actual finished size.

The timber is high pressure treated which enhances resistance to fungi and insect attack. The treatment also provides for a long service life when used above the damp proof course and in accordance with approved trade practice. It is kiln dried for greater stability and a better machined finish. It is strength graded to C16 but can also be graded to C24. The C16 graded timber is generally used for floor and roof joists with the higher grade C24 suitable for structural applications. The timber is dimensionally stable and can be used for timber frame construction and load bearing applications.

The timber has the following uses :- internal building timbers, floor joists, roof trusses, tile/roof battens, framing timber, roof soffit, barge board, cladding, gravel boards, decking, supports, fencing, gates, arbours, arches, garden buildings, edging boards, and garden furniture. 

Regularised Timber - C16 Sizes In Stock & C24 Sizes Available to Order On Request 
Timber lengths in stock are 4.8m + 45x70mmx2.4m - Other lengths available to order on request
Regularised Treated Timber - Angus Maciver Building supplies

Timber Products - Structural Timber - CLS Studding Timber (Canadian Lumber Standard)

We are not stockists of this studwork timber but we can supply it if requested. CLS is used primarily in timber frame home construction and for internal and partition walls.


The product originated for the Canadian market, hence the name. CLS is planed smooth to tighter dimensions and tolerances than regularised timber. It has radiused (rounded) corners and is free of large knots at the edge of the wood. These features reduce the spread of fire in timber frame wall cavities and make it safer to handle.CLS is produced from kiln dried whitewood, planed and finished with eased edges to precise tolerances and in accordance with British Standards to either C16 or C24 grade.

We can supply it, treated or untreated, in three standard sizes to C16 grade :- 50 x 75 x 4800mm (finished sizes 38 x 63 x 4800mm); 50 x 100 x 4800mm (finished sizes 38 x 88 x 4800mm); and 50 x 150 x 4800mm (finished sizes 38 x 138 x 4800mm). 

CLS Studding Timber - Angus Maciver Building Supplies