Insulation - For Underfloor Heating

Eco-Therm - Eco-UFH  

For underfloor heating, Eco-UFH is the ideal solution with a tough membrane facing (no need for polythene overlay before screeding), aluminium gridlines for pipe guidance and superb clip retention.

Whilst heat rises, it is very important to insulate the floors as part of the ‘total building envelope’. EcoTherm has excellent compressive strength which is advantageous when insulating a floor.

Suitable for use in conjunction with screeded underfloor heating systems for new build or upgrading the thermal performance of existing floors.

Equally suitable for housing and for schools, hospitals, sports halls, commercial or industrial applications. It has inherent resistance to alkali 

EcoThermEco-UFHForUnderfloorHeating 285x

attack and is a high-performance insulation suitable for use with most screeded underfloor heating systems. The tough woven grid gives a visual guide to enable installers to lay the pipes quickly and the line grid system measures at 50mm intervals enabling any pipe centres to be chosen easily.


The standard dimensions are :-

  • length 2400mm: 

  • width  1200mm;

  • area    2.88 m2;

  • thicknesses between 25-100mm;

  • thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK.