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Although our main products are the half round and deep flow residential gutter systems we can supply a range of uPVC rainwater systems with several different profile and colour alternatives for both residential and light commercial use. The gutter and downpipe profiles have size ranges of 75mm, 112mm, 117mm, 130mm and 150mm.

Half Round

This system, which is available in black, brown, grey and white colours, is ideal for both domestic and light commercial applications, and it comes in 75mm, 112mm and the larger 150mm diameter sizes if more capacity is required. The 112mm option is also available in a cast iron effect style.

Deep Flow

This deep capacity system, with a 68mm round downpipe option, is available in black, brown or white. It is suited to buildings with large or steep roofs.


The square rainwater system is available in 112mm diameter, and is designed specifically for domestic applications with three colour options of  black, brown or white.

Elegance Cast Iron Effect

The Elegance cast iron effect range is particularly suitable for premium developments, residential new builds, renovation projects and homes within conservation areas.

High Capacity

There are three profile high capacity rainwater systems for both domestic and commercial applications.These are designed to cope with the high volumes of rainwater created by the larger catchment areas of multi-property developments.