Insulation & Dry Lining - EcoTherm Product Range

We are a the agents for EcoTherm's PIR (polyisocyanurate) rigid thermal insulation products which are among the most effective means of minimising energy loss from buildings.

The product range of insulation boards covers the entire building envelope and is suitable for flat, tapered, and pitched roof construction, walls, floors and ceilings.The boards offer one of the highest rates of return per square metre, giving one of the easiest ways to achieve part-L compliance.

The extended performance lifespan of the boards, which are recognised for their compressive strength, low weight, ease of installation, and dimensional stability, mean they are ideally suited to insulate all parts of the modern home, and can also be used in new and existing buildings, including homes, offices, retail, educational, healthcare and commercial premises.

EcoTherm Insulation boards are up to seven times lighter than traditional insulation materials. Delivered in convenient, compact packages, the boards require half the volume of traditional material with the same insulation value. So there is a reduction in storage space, transport and manual handling.

Due to its rigidity EcoTherm insulation is easy to cut and simple to fit. Boards are easily fixed by employing any number of traditional techniques. PIR insulation is fibre free, so unlike other forms of insulation no skin irritation can be caused by handling these products.

Ecotherm PIR boards provide the following benefits :-

  • Excellent thermal performance - the boards achieve low lambda values, as low as just 0.022W/mK. PIR users require approximately half the thickness of traditional forms of insulation to meet the same level of thermal performance.

  • Lightweight - PIR boards are easy to handle and transport making installation much easier and quicker than traditional insulants. Their low weight also lends themselves to modern methods of construction and lighter, supporting structures.

  • Resilient - The insulation core and facings resist attack by mould and microbial growth. Therefore there is not a need to replace decaying insulation.

  • Easy to cut - Due to its rigidity and lightweight core, EcoTherm Insulation is simple to cut using a fine tooth saw.

  • Time & money saving - EcoTherm produces speciality products, designed to cut costs and time from projects. The Eco-Liner is a 2in1 application board that insulates and dry lines walls at the same time, meaning only one board to cut, carry and fix.

  • Durable -  Lifelong thermal insulation – the need to replace PIR insulation is highly unlikely due to its rigidity, durability and excellent compressive strength. It will not rot, sag or decay and will therefore continue to deliver designed insulation values throughout the lifetime of the building.

EcoTherm Product Range Details

Loft Insulation


We can also supply Knauff Earthwool Insulation for lofts and roof space. To view these products please visit our Loft Insulation page.