Calor LPG Supplies

Calor Gas Storage - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

We are the sole Island agent for Calor LPG, and together with fourteen approved distributors, we supply domestic, retail, and trade customers with a range of propane and butane bottled gases, and mobile heaters.

Calor LPG is an extremely versatile and portable fuel. For homes and businesses in rural areas, Calor LPG is the closest possible alternative to mains gas.


It provides a reliable and versatile heat source for cooking and efficient home heating as well as mobile heaters, BBQ's, caravans, patio heaters, fixed fires, generators, and pumps.

Propane & Butane LPG Bottled Gases - Sizes & Uses

Calor Propane Bottled Range - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

Propane is primarily used for off-grid domestic heating, cookers, and caravans

  • 3.9kg  -  DIY Tools, Small Industrial Burners 

  • 6kg     -  Caravans, Camping, Paint Stripping, Blowtorches, Small Machinery

  • 13kg   -  Caravans, Camping, Narrow Boats, Mobile Catering, LPG Generators

  • 19kg   -  Caravans, Narrow Boats, Mobile Catering, LPG Generators, Large BBQ's

  • 47kg   -  Home Energy Supply, Commercial Heating, LPG Generators, Welding

  • 12kg & 18kg   -  Forklifts, Road Sweepers, Floor Cleaners & Polishers

Calor Butane Bottled Range - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

Butane is ideal for portable heaters and as a propellant

  • 4.5kg  -  Camping, Single Burner Cooking 

  • 6kg     -  The Heat Cube Domestic Mobile Heating

  • 7kg     -  Caravans, Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Portable Heating

  • 15kg   -  Domestic & Commercial Portable Heating

  • 5kg     -  Patio Gas Table Top Heating, Camping, BBQ 1-3 Burners

  • 13kg   -  Patio Gas Free Standing Heating, BBQ 4+ Burners

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