Roofing & Guttering - Pitched Roofs - Natural & Artificial Slates

Natural Slates

We supply natural roofing slates from Cupa Pizarras and Pizarras Samaca, two of Spain's largest producers. Spain is now responsible for 90% of the world's natural slate production. We also supply Spanish slates from smaller quarries which are specially produced for the Scottish market, the Caledonian and Scotia slates.

Spanish Cupa Slates :-

  • meet or exceed all internationally recognised standards, producing a very flat, homogenous slate;

  • valued for their impermeability, durability and versatility;

  • thickness varies from 3.5-8mm;

  • slate is fireproof and completely waterproof with no special treatment needed;

  • used on roofs, facades, and interior design;

  • available in different tones of grey or black;

  • the slates have 16 different shape formats.

Spanish Samaca Slates :-

  • can be assembled and disassembled again;

  • waterproof and fireproof, resistant to extreme weather conditions;

  • quality checked for aesthetics and functionality;

  • thickness varies from 3.5-8mm;

  • used on roofs, facades, and interior design; 

  • variety of charcoal tones, shapes, and textures.

Spanish Caledonian Slates :-

  • specially produced for the Scottish market in a heavier, more robust thickness, resembling a traditional Ballachulish slate;

  • a top-quality mid-grey textured slate;

  • good workability giving a 'traditional' feel to any roof type;

  • impermeable to water, weather and UV resistant, unaffected by chemicals or pollutants, fireproof;

  • 5-7mm or 7-9mm thickness; 35x20cm, 40x20cm, 40x25cm, and 50x25cm sizes.

Cupa 3 Scotia Heavy and Samaca Q24/Q53 Scotia Heavy Slates :-

  • Cupa 3 Heavy is a distinctive blue-black slate with a very rough surface;

  • 7-8mm thickness; 30x20cm, 35x20cm, 40x20cm, 40x25cm, and 50x25cm sizes;

  • the extra thickness gives it strength to combat the inclement Scottish weather;

  • has the same durability properties as the Caledonian;

  • Samaca Q24 is a black slightly rough textured slate;

  • 7-8mm thickness; 30x20cm, 35x20cm, 40x20cm, 40x22cm, 40x25cm, and 50x25cm sizes;

  • Samaca Q53 is a smaller grade slate which mimics the look of traditional Scottish slates;

  • both have the same durability properties as the Caledonian.

Artificial Slates

As a popular alternative to natural slate, we can also supply an extensive range of high performance natural finish machine-made slate tiles in a variety of sizes to suit most roofing projects.


These are fibre-cement artificial slates which are a composite material of sand, cement and cellulose fibres. There is a fibre reinforcement within the cement which gives it extra strength and durability. The main application areas for fibre cement products are roofing and internal and external cladding.

Artificial Slates - Angus Maciver Building Supplies
Artificial Slates - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

Fibre-cement slates are :-

  • smooth surfaced, square edged, and lightweight;

  • pre-holed and low profile suitable for all types of roofing and cladding projects;

  • particularly suitable for complex roof geometries down to 15 degrees pitch;

  • available in three shape formats;

  • finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating in several colour options.

Eco Slates

Eco Slate is a 100% recycled self-bonding roof slate/shingle and is available in either grey or old world red. The slate has the unique flexibility to be used for valleys and ridges.


There is no need for custom-made accessories because every slate can be cut and set to any angle or size needed.


A unique advantage that distinguishes these slates from any other synthetic slate on the market is that they are self-bonding, this allows them to bond together once installed creating one membrane. The benefit of this process gives a 

Eco Slates - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

stronger, more pliable solid membrane that gives a roof that is wind and weather resistant, and better insulated, even at low pitches.

Features & Benefits :-

  • Quicker and easier to install ideal for low pitches as low as 10 degree pitch self – bonding;

  • Lightweight;

  • Recycled and recyclable (plastic);

  • Class “A’’ fire rated (BS476. Part 3);

  • No breakages;

  • 50 year warranty;

  • No maintenance (no moss will grow);

  • No waste;

  • The slate is flexible and can be used for ridges, valleys and caps;

  • Better U-Value when used with a system;

  • Unbreakable, cannot be vandalised, Class 4 impact rating;

  • Cuts with a knife or snips;

  • Easy to install with velux windows or solar panels;

  • The slate is designed to withstand winds of 110mph.