Roofing & Guttering - Pitched Roofs - Clay & Concrete Tiles

Clay Tiles


We can supply an extensive range of quality plain and interlocking clay tiles and fittings with colour and texture options.


There are a wide variety of tile profiles, styles, finishes and colours available.


In addition, there may be separate accessory tiles of various shapes designed for use on ridges, hips, hip intersections and gable ends. Installation methods depend on the nature of the tile being installed; that is, whether it is one piece, two piece, interlocking, or flat.

Clay Pantile Roof Tiles - Angus Maciver Building Supplies

Concrete Tiles

We can also supply concrete roof tiles which are manufactured using Portland cement, blended hydraulic cements and fly ash, sand and other aggregates.


They are produced in flat, low, and high profiles and they are available in a couple of textures and several different impregnated colours.


The market in concrete tiles has expanded significantly over the past ten years with the development of thin leading edge tiles and the introduction of interlocking plain tiles.